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Bright Star
Since it established scholarships at Southeast University in 1997, Fuzhong Group has donated accumulative hundreds of billions to all sectors of society, Yang Zongyi,chairman and CEO of Fuzhong Group Fobus , listed twice on Forbes list of charity and won “Jiangsu Entrepreneur Social Responsibility Award” and “China Charity Award” issued by Ministry for Civil Affairs

April 30th 2007, Chairman Yang titled the second Nanjing‘Outstanding Constructor of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Dec 6th 2010, Chairman Yang won an honorary title of the fourth ‘Najing‘star of glory

June 27th 2008, Chairman Yang won 2007 Jiangsu Entrepreneur Social Responsibility Award

November 2008, President Yang was titled star of glory, and met Zhu Shanlu, party secretary of Nanjing Municipal (current Vice Director of Jiangsu Province),member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial ,Committee of the Communist Party of China

Donation of education
In 1997, Fuzhong Group, which has been found for one year, established an “Educational Scholarship” of 500,000 yuan at Southeast University. For years then, Fuzhong Group has always been supporting the educational business, such as establishment of e-class in Lasa and hope primary school in Huaian; as well as the help for Gaochun drop-out orphans and Guizhou poor children. All these things show the attention Yang Zongyi, chairman of Fuzhong Group, has payed for the educational industry.

Feb 2002, when Fuzhong Group relocated for the second time , it donated Computer Training Center to Tibet Mozhugongka county

July 1996, Fuzhong established educational scholarship at Southeast University and Chenxian Street primary school

May 2005, Fuzhong Cyberport opened, and donate 300,000 yuan to the Huanan hope primary school project

Dec 28th 2010, Chairman Yang donated 10 million yuan to educational industry ,glorious industry and other social sentors at 15th anniversary celebration of Fuzhong Group

Other Social Donation
Besides giving support to educational industry, Fuzhong Group also actively supports cultural industry, sports industry, and joint army-civilian industry. Fuzhong is also active in the poverty alleviation and disaster donation, which well interprets and implements its slogan “Bless civilians, Satisfy masses”

April 2010, Fuzhong Group donated to earthquake-striken area in Yushu, Qinghai

Dec 21st 2007, Fuzhong Road donated by Fuzhong Group was put into service at Xuhe village, Gaochun

In 2003, Fuzhong Group offered 40 million yuan insurance to the volunteers against SARS

May 31st 2008, Fuzhong Group donated to earthquake-striken area in Wenchuan, and the leaders from the Municipal Red-Cross were receiving the donation

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