• Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

    Fuzhong Always Provide stage for talents

‎    Zhou lin, Head of HR Dept. was Interviewed by Jinling Evening News

    Date: March 2nd, 2011

    Journalist: What is the recruitment policy in Fuzhong Group? How to differentiate between campus recruitment and society recruitment? Please let me know the essential requirements for the above two recruitments?

    Zhou: Candidates for mid to high level Management are required to be ingenuous and capable with high operative skill, superb personality and company culture approval. For campus recruitment, we focus more on their developing potential, working attitude, ambitions and clear career plan, because we need young people that can grow up fast.

   “3 plus 3” is a pledge to the quality of service and the request to our staffs too. The first “3” means capacity. It means that our staff must be versatile and good in management, operation and study. The second “3” means post competency. To make it clear, one staff can do things three person do. Working in Fuhzong, you could become a generalist.

    Journalist: As we know, the employees are getting progress gradually by study. What are your perspectives on this view?  Do we have any concrete training policy in Fuzhong?

    Zhou: In Fuzhong Group, we pay highly attention to staff’s cultivation. As we advocated that the employees are working for the company while the company provides opportunities for them. We have already established Fuzhong Management Institute as an authority for human resources development, training and reservation. It takes the responsibility of planning and implementing training activities for employees from different positions. The participation of the training and the times in taking the training will be taken as one of the clues in deciding his promotion.

    Journalist: What is your attitude and expect on graduates?

    Zhou: The graduates are enthusiastic, active with strong learning capability. However, due to their insufficient experiences,they are sensitive to pressure. The graduates are always welcomed to join Fuzhong Group. While they are showing their personality and capacity, trainings are applied to them that they can know and approval with Fuzhong. In Fuzhong Management Institute, they will change their identity from students to employees, from fresh to Specialists or managers. We let their dreams fly to realize personal values. In Fuzhong Group, incomes were decided on one’s achievements, opportunities come for right attitude and the stage is as big as your ambition.

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