• Company Culture

Company Culture

 Enterprise culture is the competitive edge!
 Corporate Culture is the Final Contest in the 21st Century.
 The strong impetus behind 16 years success of Fuzhong Group comes from long history and profound culture——Fuzhong Culture

 Fuzhong principle 
 Customer Oriented

 Fuzhong Mission
 Promote the scientific and technological progress, make more people enjoy new and better intelligent life

 Fuzhong Prospective
 Be top 500 enterprise, be global renwned brand

 Core Values Creative
 The good faith foothold, the innovation sends far

 Fuzhong Spirit
 Fuzhong is Full of Capable Women and Incredible Men.

 Fuzhong Service Concept
 Excellent “Fuzhong 3+3” Quality

 Fuzhong Marketing Strategy
 Being like a wolf that sensible to market, with strong aggressively and the spirit of team fighting.

 Fuhzong Operation Perspectives
 Honest in Operating, Good in Service, Pursue for Perfection and Struggle for the top.

 Fuhzong Code of Conduct
 Truthful in speech and resolute in action, sincere in result and inquire into Responsibility

 Fuzhong’s View of Honor and Disgrace
 Be honor of Company Devotion and be ashamed of Company Risky Behaviors
 Be Honor of Hard Working and be ashamed of Cunning Tricks
 Be Honor of Team working and be ashamed of self-serving
 Be honor of working in Prosperous Company and be ashamed of Working in Declining One

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