• The President

The President


    Zongyi Yang, Male, born in July, 1964, Han Nationality and graduated from Chemistry Department of Nanjing University in 1986. He used to work as the lead of General Youth League in the Office of Publication of Nanjing Food & Drugs AdministrationúČ and as the secretary of General Youth League branch of Nanjing Environmental Protection Design and Research Institute respectively. He took the position of the chief representative of Nanjing division in Jinan Huafu Terminal Device Corp. Ltd from 1991 to 1995, and then started up Fuzhong Group in 1995 as director and CEO.

Council Member of US/China Economic and Trade Promotion Association 
Council Member of China Entrepreneurs Club
Council Member of China Association for the Promotion of Private Technology
Deputy President of Jiangsu Private Economic Association
Deputy President of the Direct Chamber of Industry and Commerce Association
Executive Commissioner of Nanjing Political Consultation
Standing Committee Member of Nanjing Xuanwu district people's Congress
Vice President of Industry & Commerce of Nanjing
Deputy President of Nanjing Chamber of Commerce
President of Nanjing Association of Credit Management
Deputy President of Nanjing Chamber of International Commerce
Deputy President of Nanjing Private Economic Association
Deputy President of Jinling International Friendship Association
Deputy President of Nanjing Overseas Exchanges Association
One of the First Honorary MBA PHD of China
The Guest Professor for MBA of Southeast University for Economic Department
An honorary trustee of Nanjing University
The first National Charity Award owner, Two times ‘owner of Forbes' Charity Entrepreneur
One of the IT Top Ten Economic Figures of China
One of the ten Outstanding Innovator of China private enterprises
The Outstanding Contribution Award winner for Chinese Brand building
One of the Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Asia-Pacific region
One of the of Jiangsu entrepreneurs who affect the Chinese economy
One of the ten Outstanding Youths of Jiangsu Province
The “Outstanding Entrepreneur” owner granted by Provincial Party committee and the Provincial People's Government
Owner of Jiangsu "May 1" Labor Medals
One of Jiangsu Elite Top Ten Celebs, and the Owner of Jiangsu Social Responsibility Celebs
The First Nanjing Top Ten People of Economy Made Known owner
Labor model of Nanjing

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